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How to Choose the Right Monument Company

Building a decent monument or memorial for a loved one who has passed away is an act that can be done to offer honor to their names, their lives, and the how they played a role in the lives of those that remain. Usually, a decent monument also comes possible by coordinating with reputable and quality monument builder. But admit it or not, there is some sort of challenge when it comes to hiring a memorial builder. Aside from the fact there’s a pretty number of options available in any locality right now, it is hard to tell which one is worthy of the hire due to each one’s lack of experience. Allow this article to provide you with a guide on how to more easily look for a monument company.

How to Choose the Right Monument Company

1. Choose a Monument Style

When it comes to monument style, most families have three options: the upright monument, slant markers, and flat markers. Obviously, each has its own advantages and disadvantages to offer. The flat markers are quite neat because they just lie flat on the ground. However, they may pose a little restriction on the designing or the application of artwork because they have a limited area. On the other hand, the standing markers such as the upright and slant monuments offer any family a little freedom to incorporate a design that they prefer. At the end of the day, it is yours to make a choice based upon what matters to you. The important thing is that you are able to check the options available and are able to make a decision you can stand with.

2. Check the Building Cost

Other than the size, the area covered and the flexibility to apply art work and style, monuments or memorials can vary slightly or largely in their cost. It is essential to do your assignment to avoid being overwhelmed at the point of settling the bill. You have to work closely with a potential monument company so that you are aware of the closest estimate to the work. The entire cost can be raised or lowered depending on many factors and the areas where the costs are attributed to are usually the materials utilized, the color of the materials, the size of the monument, the design or artwork incorporated onto the monument, and of course, the installation.

3. Look into the Warranties

Before making a decision and finalizing your hiring, it is important to first consider the warranties. Try to find out if there are any available warranty that the monument builder is offering. If a warranty is offered, this can usually protect you against defects in the materials used and workmanship. It is advantageous on your part to pursue on a monument builder that offers a warranty to their clients. As a matter of fact, there are monument companies that provide protection programs that cover a stone in a span of 10 years and release as much as $10,000 for the same.

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